HRAS Initiative launches a new global Maritime Investigation Service for victims of human rights abuses

The HRAS team are delighted to be able to launch a new Maritime Investigations Service in collaboration with the Globus Foundation and Globus Intelligence Limited.

The new international service provides expert investigations for a variety of maritime crimes and which, includes victims of human rights abuses carried out in the maritime environment, as well as state, commercial business and individual investigations compiling evidence for potential criminal or civil court proceedings.



Globus Intelligence Ltd provides a bespoke independent, international and professional Maritime Investigation Service. It is multi-jurisdictional in its reach and is run by highly experienced international criminal investigators and lawyers on behalf of clients seeking justice without delay or compromise to everyday State, business or private client activities, brand or reputation.

Highly competent, flexible and discreet in the provision of its services, the Maritime Investigation Services’ primary focus is accurate and timely delivery to the client.

The Service operates to the highest standards of evidence collection and handling, witness statement and expert witness submissions to State entities, business organizations, private clients, courts and arbitration centres globally.



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