Human Rights at Sea receives Seafarers UK funding for flagship ‘Missing Seafarers Reporting Programme’



3 December 2014

Seafarers UK funding kick-starts development of an international register of missing seafarers


David Hammond (left), founder of Human Rights at Sea meets Barry Bryant, Director General, Seafarers UK

seafarersukSeafarers UK is pleased to announce a grant in support of Human Rights at Sea (HRAS), a not-for-profit resource for the international maritime community. The funding will kick-start a major new flagship project; the development of an international register of missing seafarers, including fishermen.

HRAS was founded by barrister David Hammond, a leading voice and author for the on-going international development and codification of ‘Human Rights at Sea’ who said: ‘Despite Human Rights at Sea being a very young organisation, I was humbled by the overwhelmingly positive reaction to the proposal and the financial support provided by donors in response to our request for modest start-up funding for this unique global programme.’

‘The funding lead was taken by Seafarers UK, and consequently, HRAS is now in a firm position to make this project a reality on behalf of the international seafaring community. We hope that this vanguard initiative will subsequently prove to be an attractive, cost-effective and strategically important human rights based platform worthy of on-going international engagement and support.’

Seafarers UK’s Director of Grants Dennis Treleaven explained: ‘I am delighted that we have been able to support this request to establish an international database of seafarers who have gone missing whilst at sea. The need for this is long overdue and it is great that we are able to work in partnership with HRAS to build an essential comprehensive resource.’

‘The global scale of the issue is unknown and the new database will seek to quantify the issue, by providing evidence of missing seafarers to inform international maritime bodies, governments and the UN.’

‘The grant from Seafarers UK will also enable HRAS to support the families of missing seafarers and further raise awareness of the broader subject of seafarers’ welfare and the issues some face, such as the withholding of wages, confiscation of identification documents, inhumane working conditions and other human rights and labour abuses.’

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