Updated SeaWatch Migrant Rescue Blog – Operations in the Mediterranean

sea-watch_erster-lesbos-einsatzThe SeaWatch Migrant Rescue Blog has been updated with the latest operations from the island of Levsos, Greece. Launching the latest missions, successful rescues are underway.

On November 16th the first operation of Sea-Watch in the Aegean Sea took place, with a successful outcome.

The German organisation have been actively involved in two rescues, in collaboration with the Coast Guard of Mithimna, Lesvos.

Rescue 1: the SW crew reported a situation of distress to the local authorities and have been asked to stand by the migrants boat, while waiting for the Coast Guard SAR unit to reach the area. The people in need of help have been found on a dinghy, which was drifting and unfloating. The crew ensured the safety of the migrants, prioritising the numerous children.

Rescue 2: the SW crew has been asked by the local Coast Guard to reach a given position, to provide first response to a distress call. The SW personnel assisted the migrants until the Coast Guard’s arrival and take over of the situation, a the competent national authority to carry out rescue operations in the area.

Seawatch is supported by Human Rights at Sea through HRAS interns operating as part of the operations team in planning and legal capacities.


sea watch fin bw[1]

sea-watch_lesbos_start_02 sea-watch_lesbos_start_01  sea-watch_lesbos_start_03

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