BREXIT and the future of Human Rights at Sea



Today, the British democratic process has seen a historic electorate vote in favour (52%) of leaving the European Union after 43 years of membership.

Nonetheless, the fundamental and continuing need to develop and deliver effective commercial human rights policies, welfare protections for individuals and lawful remedies in response to human rights abuses at sea does not stop.

As an independent maritime human rights charity based in the United Kingdom, Human Rights at Sea will continue to progressively work with all its global partners in order to achieve our Charitable Objectives. Further, the charity looks forward to welcoming new European and international partners and interns in undertaking this crucial work.

20160624-BREXIT ResultCEO, David Hammond, said: “BREXIT does not alter the continuing need to deliver positive and objective development of maritime human rights policies, legal protections and remedies for abuses at sea.”


Human Rights at Sea is an independent maritime human rights charity registered in England and Wales established for the benefit of the international community for matters concerning explicit engagement with human rights issues in the maritime environment. Its Mission is to explicitly raise awareness, implementation and accountability of human rights provisions throughout the maritime environment, especially where they are currently absent, ignored or being abused.

For further information

David Hammond, CEO

Human Rights at Sea, Langstone Technology Park, Langstone Road, Havant, PO9 1SA, UK.




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